Are you considering pursuing a degree at the University of Parma (UNIPR)? Then, you’ll need to understand what a Learning Agreement is and how it’s used at UNIPR.

A Learning Agreement is a contract between you, your home institution, and UNIPR that outlines the educational objectives, courses, and credits that you’ll be taking during your studies abroad. It’s a crucial document that helps you plan your academic path, while also ensuring your credits are transferable back to your home institution.

At UNIPR, the entire process of creating, submitting, and managing Learning Agreements is done online. This means you’ll need to know how to navigate the UNIPR online platform, called ‘MyUnipr,’ to get started.

To begin, you’ll need to create an account on MyUnipr. Once you’ve done so, you can access the Learning Agreement section and begin filling in the required information. You’ll need to provide details on your home institution, your study program, and the courses you plan to take.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your home institution will need to approve your Learning Agreement before it’s submitted to UNIPR. Therefore, it’s essential to work closely with your academic advisor to ensure your selections align with your degree requirements.

Once your Learning Agreement is completed and approved by your home institution, you can submit it online through MyUnipr. From there, UNIPR will review and approve your application. It’s important to note that the process can take up to several weeks, so it’s best to get started as early as possible.

Overall, creating a Learning Agreement online at UNIPR may seem daunting at first, but it’s a straightforward process that ensures a smooth transition for your studies abroad. By taking the time to understand the requirements and utilizing the online platform, you’ll be well on your way to an enriching academic experience at UNIPR.